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POLS302.A-2020.SUSUMMERII The Conspiracy in American Politics

Begins July 08, 2020
This basis of this course will be an in- depth examination of various conspiracies in American Politics and Culture, beginning with the Salem Witch trials through the Lincoln Assassination Conspiracy, the Sacco & Vanzetti case and to the present day. More recent conspiracies include an examination of the JFK and RFK Assassinations, the Pentagon Papers case, the Watergate Conspiracy, the Iran/Contra scandal, Whitewater, the 'Vast Right Wing Conspiracy,' the World Trade Center bombing, the Oklahoma City Bombing, Bush/Gore 2000, Global Warming, and the 9/11 Investigation. The 'Obama Birther' controversy will also be covered. Course dates: 07/08/2020 - 08/31/2020
Instructor : Paul DeBole